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Rion Modular Greenhouse Kits

Grand Gardener

The attractive design of Rion modular greenhouses really set them apart from all other greenhouses on the market. The unique tubular construction also make them quite possibly the strongest domestic greenhouse.on the market. After promoting the Rion brand for a couple of years now, something we have noticed is the number of greenhouses we have sold as a replacement for a cheap greenhouse which just hasn't lasted, we truly believe we are the best & strongest on the market. We know we're not the cheapest - just the best value as quality doesn't normally come cheap

' Price is what you pay. Value is what you get ' Quote from Warren Buffett 

Virtually unbreakable, durable and strong the Rion greenhouse endures high winds and heavy snow-loads, almost maintenance free as they simply cant rust or corrode. All these great features allowing Gardner's to extend their growing periods. In a world where an increasing number of households prefer to grow their own, the use use of a greenhouse has become a must have for a lot of people.It will provide pleasure and produce, healthy and safe vegetables.

A Rion greenhouse does all this and more, It will provide a sense of quality and pleasure to every enthusiastic gardener for many years to come.

All greenhouses in the Rion range are modular and customisable in design. This allows you to increase your greenhouse length at any time, not just at the time of purchase, add extra roof vents, use with or without our bases. Made of quality materials using twin wall polycarbonate sheets either 4mm or 6mm thick for the walls & roof depending on the model chosen. The frames are made from extremely high grade resin all backed by a 10 year guarantee. Rion have won awards for their design and construction as well as value. Rion greenhouses are manufactured in Israel where quality is viewed as more important than price, yet these greenhouses are surprisingly affordable.  

This clever modular design of the Rion greenhouse range allow for easy & cost effective delivery.

With each separately boxed module of a Rion greenhouse weighing only approximately 30kgs & measuring 1300 m x 750mm x 250mm, we are able to arrange delivery by express courier service, not a freight carrier. This means delivery straight to your door not a freight depot. 

 Hobby Gardener 8'x8' Rion Greenhouses are modular in design, which gives the gardener the ability to customise the greenhouse to their own needs. The front, back, and middle sections of our greenhouses have all been been packaged separately. So for example, if you purchased an 8' x 12' Hobby Gardener, you would receive 1 front, 1 back, and 2 middle sections. If instead you purchased an 8' x 20' Hobby Gardener, you would receive 1 front, 1 back, and 4 middle sections. If you want to expand your greenhouse at a later time you simply add more middle sections. In the Hobby Gardener & Grand Gardener models we can substitute the back section for a front section (one front on each end) to create a walk-through style, dual-door greenhouse.

How the modular concept works



Extend your greenhouse either at the time of purchase or when your needs grow. Just simply add extra middle sections when you’re ready. You can also add extra roof vents and customise to your requirements with our range of comprehensive  high quality accessories.  







 Snow test



Rion greenhouses are sold all over the world, here we have a picture of one in the Canadian winter.  









 Don't ask me why, maybe just because they can 









Quote from a customer

"I find it refreshing to find a company and man that keeps his word and offers exceptional personalised service along with quality products.  I have found this with Lance and his company called Bear Forest Hydroponics and his product line of Rion Greenhouses."

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